Well, here we are 2023. Where does time go? How do we let it slip away so quickly? Day to day we get caught up in our crazy schedules of work, kids, sports, and at home "things". I am guilty of working long, crazy hours, day into night and letting it consume my life. Sure, I am at all of my children's functions because I refuse to miss anything, but is my mind always present? Not always, I sit thinking about everything I need to do in order to not completely lose it! There are days I wonder if I am the only one going crazy trying to juggle all of the "things". Facebook makes everything look so easy to others, but I know other Momma's are out there losing it just like me! How do we fix this? I HAVE NO IDEA, but I do know that this year I am making more time for me, scheduling more dates with my husband and kids, and putting my friends on my calendar! Yes, I know, I know, add them to your calendar? Sounds awful right? Well, it is the only way I can keep up with everything that I do day in and day out. My World at home is my top priority in life. Happy Home = Happy EVERYTHING!

Now, onto the business...

Our key word for 2023 is GROWTH! We are working on creating a workshop for beginner photographers this year and offering some one on one mentoring. If you are interested please feel free to reach out! We will also be attending other workshops and possibly a retreat in the mix (ooohhh.. la..la..), some new magic will be happening in our studio and on locations. Education never stops when it comes to photography! We will give 110% to learning all kind of things to provide our clients with the best quality and experience!

On a final note, be on the look out for different types of mini sessions we will be offering throughout the year! You don't want to miss out!

Thank you for stopping by and reading our first post! We are excited to share more with you!