Be willing to be a beginner..

Last month, I received an amazing opportunity with Lifetime movie productions to shoot galleries and behind the scenes footage for a movie called "Christmas at the Amish Bakery". The gentleman that reached out found me online and said that my studio lighting is what made him call. I was so shocked and nervous the entire time we spoke. Of course I wasn't going to turn down this opportunity, right?!

As the days started getting closer, I started to second guess myself. Am I good enough for this? What if I mess up? What if my lighting doesn't look right? What if my lighting stops working? I was running all of the worst case scenarios in my head and trying every way to talk myself out of it. Thank goodness I pushed through the nerves and anxiety. Even with the knowledge, strategy, techniques and equipment that I already had, I was about to be a BEGINNER doing something I knew nothing about. Let me tell you, that takes some courage. Courage is something I have lacked in my older years that I am now reclaiming in my life and so glad I did!

Once I finished up this job and delivered the product, they called and booked me for their current Lifetime movie that's filming which I just finalized last week.....eeekkk TWO Lifetime movies!

Moral of the story; If you are not willing to be a beginner, then you won't gain the knowledge and tools you need in order to open more doors in your life!